Does each system come with a rain sensor and warranty?

We will not and have not installed a system without a rain sensor since the company’s inception. The sensors are a minimal cost, but an effective tool to conserve water usage during rain events. WiFi options offer increased value because a user can simply login remotely with their mobile device to turn off the system […]

Will the system require any maintenance?

In Middle Tennessee, there are a few essential maintenance procedures that are required plus water provider mandated certifications. We provide annual maintenance services that include the Spring Activation and the Winterization service. The backflow device needs to be tested each season, but some water departments do their own testing and others allow the homeowner to […]

Will I have difficulty operating this system?

No! Your contractor will explain to you how your controller works and how the watering times have been set. Then if necessary, the watering times can be adjusted by following the instructions on the inside of the controller cabinet. And that is it; the system does the rest for you.