The following are a few examples of the benefits of low-voltage lighting: * Low voltage, 12-volt, landscape lighting is safer to operate than traditional 120-volt light. * 12-volt operating expenses are approximately 1/3 less than 120-volt lamps. * Per fixture installation costs are up to 90% less than 120 volt. * 12-volt lamps give beam control rather than Omni-direction flare of 120-volt lamps. * For wattage’s of 75 or less, there are over 100 (one hundred) 12-volt lamps available, compared to 12 (twelve) 120-volt lamps. * 12-volt lamps are capable of compact design therefore yield more compact fixtures. * 12-volt lamps produce a better quality of light than 120-volt. * 12-volt lamps are available in a wide range of quartz halogen, not available to 120-volt.