Performance Lighting & Irrigation is fully staffed to meet and exceed all of your irrigation needs. One of the state mandated requirements of having an irrigation system is protecting the potable water supply with an approved and testable backflow preventer. This requirement is listed under the TN EPA and the TN Department of Commerce. This backflow preventer must be tested every year. The State of TN requires Backflow Technicians to be properly trained for testing, repairing and maintaining backflow devices. These technicians attend a training class for initial certification, and must complete continuing education credit hours to maintain their license. At the present time, we staff three certified backflow testers each having the proper testing equipment. We test residential and commercial devices with pricing that does vary based on the application and size of the backflow device. Backflow prevention assemblies are to be tested and the results reported in accordance to each specific local utility or water provider. Any part of the check valve, relief valve or air inlet valve found defective must be repaired or replaced immediately, and a retest must show the assembly is operating properly. Leaking shutoff valves which prevent a test from being made must be repaired.

Depending on where you are located, some water provider will actually test your backflow device automatically as part of your service. Others require each owner to contract the testing out to a certified technician and each have a specific form that needs to be submitted; please contact your water department for more information. Backflow testing is done by request and is not included with other services due to the variables involved with each utilities procedure. Pricing is for the test procedures only, any repairs or parts will be billed accordingly.

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Certified Cross Connection Control Technicians Currently on Staff:

Adam Haggard #6978
David Shepard #7839
John Better #8971
Kevin Dunham #9861
Robert Campbell #10215

What is a Backflow Device?

In general, backflow devices are used to protect the water supply from any potential contamination. These uses include, but are not limited to boilers, irrigation systems, complete buildings, soda carbonators, ice machines, fire protection, etc. A backflow device for an irrigation system prevents the reverse flow of contaminated water from the sprinklers back into the city water supply. Lawns and landscapes contain fertilizers, chemicals, bacteria, dirt, fungus, and multiple other hazards that could leach into an irrigation head, and be drawn back into the drinking water supply if the source were not properly backflow protected. There are two types of devices that satisfy the Tennessee Plumbing Code for irrigation systems. These are the ASSE 1020 Pressure Vacuum Breaker, and the ASSE 1013 Reduced Pressure Assembly.