Maintenance Services

Performance provides service and maintenance for thousands of irrigation and lighting systems annually including residential to large commercial sites. Performance prides itself with being at the forefront with new technologies such as WiFi compatible controllers along with remote monitoring. All of our service technicians are backflow certified with the State of Tennessee. Our uniformed technicians are provided all of the proper equipment to not only repair sprinklers and leaking pipes, but also wire and controller issues. We are prompt, professional and highly trained. Our technicians have become well known in the industry for being troubleshooting experts when it comes to Decoder Systems and shorts in the wire path etc.    In order to ensure you extend the life of your outdoor lighting system, routine maintenance is recommended at least once a year. Maintenance of a lighting system can help prevent costly repairs in the future and keep your system functioning for optimum results. Maintenance also allows for adjustments to your system as your landscape matures. Hindsite Field Service Software allow our company to schedule faster, route more efficiently, track every minute and part, invoice promptly and know in real-time daily operations. Each technician has a mobile device linked to the office and each vehicle in our fleet has GPS units.